Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Britain's Only Post Office/2nd Hand Record Shop?

Twitter can be a magical thing sometimes. After seeing a tip-off tweet from Maggie in North Norfolk this morning describing some very strange surroundings as she posted a letter, I made the eighty minute trip to the town of Holt. Here, as well as getting lost on a country walk and in a long and detailed conversation with an unusually inquisitive donkey, I visited what could be Britain's, and is almost certainly Norfolk's, only post office-cum-vinyl emporium. Somewhat appropriately, it also stocked a single by Norfolk's legendary Singing Postman, Allan Smethhurst. I decided to give that a miss, but happily emerged with a copy of John Kongos' self-titled debut album from 1971, Philip Goodhand-Tait's 'Songfall' LP from the same year, and Flaming Ember's 'Westbound Number 9' single. Apparently, the postmaster used to run the post office a few miles up the road in Sheringham, which "was bigger and had much more psychedelia". I'm assuming the glam rock platform shoe had a permanent place next to the counter there, too.


Ian - Norvic said...

Pleased that the postmaster of Cromer Road Sheringham PO found a new home. His previous PO also doubled as a record shop: had these postmarked there

Still some available for sale - mention TomCox for 10% discount!

Anonymous said...

Does holt p/o buy 2nd hand vinyls off the public ?